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Do not remove this label

Some people think puppies are a clean slate – no skills or knowledge, sure, but also no bad habits or unwanted behaviors.

But here’s the thing about puppies – they are a blank slate from a DOG standpoint, not a HUMAN perspective.

We don’t teach puppies to jump, mouth, chew, whine, piddle on the floor. They come that way. Its a Puppy Package – you get the cu

te face and warm little body, along with all those annoying doggie features we humans are so anxious to get rid of.

We have WAY higher expectations for puppies that we do for infants.

Let’s see, how quickly can we get that puppy housebroken? Obedience trained? Able to greet visitors politely? Chill out for long evenings watching TV? How soon can the pup walk next to us without stopping to sniff or explore the world?

Most new owners of puppies would say….NOW! ASAP! They are shocked that the puppy,  taught not to eat mulch on Monday, would again eat mulch on Tuesday. What the….? We show the puppy where to do his business on Wednesday morning, so how come he pooped on the dining room rug Wednesday afternoon?

I wish every puppy came with a tag or label affixed to its collar that says the following:

Handle With Care and Love!

Do Not Have Unrealistic


Must Be Trained Daily

for the Next 12-16 Years.

Dog and Puppy

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