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Awards and Honors

Winner, National Poetry Day Competition 

Your Fire Magazine 2021

2nd place 

Shelley Poetry Competition 2022

Nominated for Best of the Net 2023

East Ridge Review's Three Notch'd Poetry Contest 2022


Harbor View Washburn Prize 2022


Quartz Literary Fiction & Poetry Contest 2022


Lefty Blondie Press Chapbook Contest 2023


Stephen A. DiBlase Poetry Prize 2023


Passionfruit Review Poetry Prize 2023

Longlisted (chapbook)

Block Party Press 2023

Semifinalist (chapbook)

Eggtooth Editions 2023

Special Mention (chapbook)

Kari Ann Flickinger Biennial Memorial Literary Prize 2023


Five South 2022


HAL Prize, Peninsula Pulse, 2022 and 2023


Passionfruit Poetry Prize 2023

Honorable Mention

Atlantis Award 2022

Published Poems


These poems have been published by 

the journals indicated.


A Field of White

The Passionfruit Review

A Math Relationship Problem in 5 Lines

Poetry Soup


Absolute: for Ukraine

New York Quarterly


After the Suspension

Soul Poetry Society "Quintessence" anthology

After You Left

East Ridge Review

Air, or What Becomes of a Covid Long Hauler After Three Years and Still no Answers

A Plate of Pandemic


Last Stanza Poetry Journal (long listed for The Plough 2022 Poetry Prize)


Willows Wept Review

Bass Napping

Poet's Choice "Gone out fishing: prose poems"

black tshirt

Poetica Review

Blackened Catfish

Cathexis Northwest Press


Pulse: Voices from the heart of medicine


Your Fire Magazine


Christmas in Florida

The Prose Poem

Clean Laundry

Belletrist Magazine


Crotona Park, 1921

Last Stanza Poetry Journal




Dracula. Jesus Christ Superstar.

Drunk Monkeys

Elegy for a Long Hauler

Ariel’s Dream

Fog Carves Time

Penn Review

Ghost Ship

The Rumpus

Hindsight is a Map

Palooka Magazine

How I Learned to Smoke Cigarettes

Crosswinds Poetry Journal

How to Rob a Convenience Store

Book of Matches


Howth, Ireland

The Ocotillo Review

I See Your Ghost

Cowboy Jamboree Magazine

I Would Be That Bud

Stone Canoe

I Write My Own Obituary to Avoid Speculation 

The Awakenings Review

Ice and the Pandemic

Long Covid Reader

If We Cannot Speak

The Apple Tree

In a Lower East Side Apartment

The Apple Tree

In Dreams Cars Flew

Palooka Magazine

In Watermelon Sugar

Last Leaves Magazine 


OpenDoor Poetry Magazine "While I Sleep"

Kiddush, After Services

Jewish Literary Journal 

Last Kosher Butcher

Book of Matches

Leaving Florida

High Shelf Press

Less Than a Survivor

Wingless Dreamer "Snowdrops"

Like Mercury

New Verse News

Long Haul Year Two

Journal of Expressive Writing

Looking for Winter

Willows Wept Review

Montana, 1975

Around the World: Landscapes & Citiscapes; selected for Jewels in the Queen's Crown: The Best of the Best anthology) and in Front Porch Review

My Faith in Dogs is a Purple Bruise

The Phare

My Lungs Betray Me Again

A Plate of Pandemic


The Apple Tree

Over the Rainbow

Yellow Arrow


The Awakenings Review

Questions We Ask Ourselves

New Verse News


The Awakenings Review 

Sitting Shiva, After the Tree of Life Shooting

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review


The Apple Tree

Sofa/Headphones/An Old Walther PPK

The Prose Poem

The Apple Tree


Poet's Choice


Palooka Magazine

States of Ungrace

Poetica Review

Steering, My Hands on the Wheel, Listening to Willie


Red Headed Writing Anthology, Cowboy Jamboree Press

Still Life With Pear

Persimmon Tree

St. Martin Honeymoon

Last Stanza Poetry Journal

Summer Concert

Poem Village 2023, Saranac Lake, NY



Book of Matches


That Place You Go

Tiny Moments Anthology #2

The Day You Didn’t Leave

The Raven’s Perch

The Destination

Writing Magazine

The Gift


The Last Fire Tower

Dead Pets Poetry Anthology

The Lathe

The Apple Tree

Tigers in Michigan

Belletrist Magazine

To See You Happy

The Apple Tree


Una Clase de Ingles en el Border

Third Wednesday

Under the Weather


Up She Rises

Stories and Poems in the Song of Life

Waiting for Foxes

One Art: a journal of poetry

We Line Up the Truth in Photographs

Last Stanza Poetry Journal

We Carry

Bullets into Bells

What You Missed

Champagne Room Literary Journal

When I Think About Prayer

Jewish Writing Project

When There is No Air

A Plate of Pandemic


Write It Down

The Awakenings Review


Richard Brautigan's Concussion: poems is available from Bottlecap Press.





How to Rob a Convenience Store: poems was published by Cowboy Jamboree Press in March, 2024. Available from AbeBooks, and Amazon.

Funeral book hardcover.jpg

Funeral and Memorial Service Readings Poems and Tributes (McFarland, 1999)


Words can fail even the most articulate when called upon to speak at a loved one's funeral or memorial occasion. The bereaved desires to say something meaningful, yet services are often held so quickly that there is little time to find something appropriate at the library or bookstore.

This book is a collection of poetry and prose appropriate for reading at a funeral or memorial service. To assist the reader in finding a suitable passage, the book is divided into eleven chapters. There are tributes for mothers; fathers; children; spouses and soulmates; friends; siblings and other close relatives; soldiers and victims of war or violence; pets; and general readings appropriate for men, women, or any loved one.


These selections will also prove helpful for clergy, counselors, and hospice, hospital, and funeral professionals. Appendices list resources and support organizations, and each selection is indexed by author, title, and first line. A special additional index references pieces by famous uses, such as in a film, novel, or celebrity's funeral, so readers can locate a passage they remember from its context.

To purchase, visit:

McFarland Publishers


Northshire Bookstore

The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza

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