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What Dogs Do

Two year old Homer is a smug little Maltese.

Smug is the word, because his owner excuses his unwanted behaviors with the all-encompassing justification:

“Well, he’s a dog. That’s what dogs do.”

Here are some examples:

Homer perches on the top of the couch. 

“He needs to see out the window. Dogs keep watch over the house that way.”

Homer barks at every noise he hears.

“Dogs have to bark. That’s how he expresses himself.”

Homer growls at anyone who walks past his crate, toys, or food.

“Dogs protect what is theirs.”

Homer sniffs and pees and pulls his owner wherever he wants on a walk.

“Dogs enjoy being outside. It’s their natural habitat.”

Left to their own devices, yes, dogs bark, growl, sniff, pee, go where they want and do what they want.

In a house with human companions, dogs must be trained – just like children must be taught – to live harmoniously and peacefully in a civilized world.

Don’t make excuses for your dog’s unruly behavior. Good manners – in dogs and people – are always justified.

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