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Introducing Patsy Cline

I can hear you groan already. Please, you say, not another pitful puppy mill story. Bear with me. You can read this one without a box of tissues, because this one is going to have a happy ending.

We fostered a 2 year old Bichon Frise, courtesy of Waggin’ Tails Pet Rescue, that we named Patsy Cline (any country music fans?).

She was a breeding female at a Pennsylvania puppy mill. She was caged around the clock, never walked on the grass, wasn’t even given a name. Patsy was brought here because she couldn’t have puppies any more, and was about to be killed for that mistake.

Here is what we knew about Patsy:

  • She loved to eat, especially if her meal included turkey;

  • She was amazingly healthy given her previous living conditions;

  • She was learning to potty outside – our other dogs set the example;

  • She got along great with other dogs;

  • She was debarked – puppy mill dogs have to be quiet so that the mill can remain undetected;

  • After four days with us, she was wagging her tail when we came home;

  • She liked dog beds – not to sleep in, but to dive under and roll on;

  • She didn't demand attention – she was content to lie on a shoe and sleep;

  • She had an appointment to be spayed;

  • Thunderstorms did not bother her. Neither did the vacuum cleaner;

  • Sit” was a concept she considered;

  • Toys were not of interest – yet;

  • A car ride was just another opportunity to curl up and sleep.

Patsy was a work in progress for awhile, but you could see the dog she would evenutally become: sweet-natured, loving, gentle – the best kind of companion for a low-key household. You can find a dog like Patsy on

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