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Beamer’s Story

This is Beamer’s story.

Beamer is a seven month old Golden Doodle who lives with a family that includes 3 young children. But I’ll let Beamer tell you the rest… 

“In the afternoon, when I wake up from my nap, that’s the time she takes my leash out of the closet. When I see that leash, I know what comes next, and boy, do I get EXCITED!

Its our job to rush down the driveway and make it to the corner of the street before the big noisy moving thing gets there.

I don’t understand why she walks so slow. Its so frustrating. She practically stands still. When all I want to do is fly over the road. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m choking. That always happens so it doesn’t bother me. If I put all my strength into my shoulders, I can usually get her to move faster. One time, she dropped the leash! Halleluyah! I didn’t even look back. I think I heard her saying “Beamer!! Come here this instant!” but maybe not. It was probably just the wind rushing past my ears.

I made it to the corner in record time, licked every person there, to show them what a champ I am, and danced around until, shoot! someone stepped on my loose leash and I got captured. Darn!

So, I’ve t

asted freedom. There’s no stopping me now!!

I don’t think she liked coming in last.

She took me to that store that smells like other dogs and food. I remember this place because once, I found a box there that had pee on it but she wouldn’t let me stop long enough to add mine to it.

Still, it was fun to see all the dogs and look for things that fell on the slippery floor. She let me pick out a new toy, but she also put four packages in our bag. She said the stuff in them might help her walk me: a Halti, a Gentle Leader, a Canny Collar and a Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

I’ll tell you next time what I think of them.

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