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Rachel R. Baum is a Best of the Net nominated poet, writer, editor, dog behaviorist, APA-ranked pool player, and owner of Til Tuesday Tissue Boxes. She served as Chair of the Committee that selected the first Poet Laureate of Saratoga Springs. She is the founder of the Moving Mountains Poets Group and the Saratoga Peace Pod, a group of crafters who create warm items for families in crisis.

She is the editor of Funeral and Memorial Readings Poems and Tributes (McFarland, 1999), named Best NonFiction by Today's Librarian. She has two poetry chapbooks: Richard Brautigan's Concussion (Bottlecap Press, 2023) and the forthcoming How to Rob a Convenience Store (Cowboy Jamboree Press, 2024).

As the At Home Dog Trainer, she wrote the long-running blog Bark! Confessions of a Dog Trainer. Most of the blog posts can be found on here.  

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